Can Bankruptcy Save Your Home?

Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments? If so, you may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy could help. Unfortunately, bankruptcy is a complex process, and knowing which type is best for your situation can be difficult without a bankruptcy attorney. Here's a closer look at the different types of bankruptcy, what can and cannot be written off in bankruptcy, and what it means to reaffirm a debt.

Own A Rental? Improve Vacancies With Property Management Services

Buying a rental property and being the landlord can provide valuable knowledge and experience. However, you may feel hesitant about continuing these responsibilities. You may enjoy owning a rental because you build equity and can generate consistent income. But you might feel that you could get better results by managing the rental with professional help.  A smart move is to get property management services. While professionals will help out in numerous ways, you may notice a clear difference throughout vacancies.