The Impact of Location on Property Value: Factors to Consider

In the world of real estate, location is often key in determining the value of a property. You not only need to think about the current market price due to the location but you also need to consider how the area will change over time and potentially increase the home's value. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to a home's location.

Desirable Neighborhood

There are many factors that make a home's neighborhood desirable. It can include the local crime rate, the condition of surrounding homes, local shopping, and more. Home buyers are willing to pay more for the amenities that make a community sought-after, which often increases the price of the homes over time. Look at what currently makes the area great, and what is coming in the future that will make the area even more appealing.

Local Employment

The commute to work can play a big role in property values. A home can be absolutely perfect for someone, but it will easily be passed on if the commute to work would be too long. Think about how close the home is to major cities, as well as what the local employment opportunities look like. Living in an area that has short commutes and great jobs can significantly increase property value.

Public Transportation

Access to public transportation is key in a big city, especially when people do not own cars and rely on trains and buses. However, many homeowners don't think about public transportation access if they do not use it themselves. If your home is within walking distance of a train station or convenient bus route, then that can help make the home desirable to people that use public transit on a daily basis.

Surrounding Nature

Certain areas of the country value nature, and it can really increase a home's value. This is especially true in more rural areas where residents prefer a quiet country scape over bustling city life. Having land and fewer homes in the surrounding area is actually a desirable trait that should be considered due to homeowners having a different mindset.

Market Demand

Look at the current market demand and gauge trends about where the area is heading. Do you see homes that are up for sale and then under contract a few days later? This can be an indication of market demand that will drive up home values over time. If the area is popular now, it's likely to increase in popularity in the future.

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