Things You Should Not Do When Preparing For Showings On Your House

A major part of the home-selling process is the showings your agent will line up for your house. These showings will involve an agent bringing people into your home to see what it offers and if they like it, and these showings are what will usually lead to finding a buyer for your house. There are plenty of good things to do to prepare for these showings, but here are some of the main things you should not do when you have showings scheduled for your home.

Staying Home

It can be inconvenient to have to leave your home each time there is a showing, but you should never be there when these showings take place. People shopping for homes do not feel overly comfortable really looking around homes for sale when the owners of these homes are sitting around inside. With you being there, you will reduce the chances of the viewers buying your home. Additionally, do not leave your pets home either, as this also poses problems and risks during the viewings.

Using a Ton of Scented Products

A second thing to avoid is using a ton of scented products. If you want your home to smell good, make sure you clean it well and resolve any problems it has that may be causing odors. If you use a lot of scented products, it can make people think that you are trying to cover up odors that you cannot control.

Leaving a List of Rules

You should also avoid leaving a list of rules to follow. Some homeowners, for example, may leave a sign at the front door that says: "Please take off your shoes." While this is not a horrible request to make, telling people what to do can come across as rude.

Failing to Clean Everything

While people who view your home realize that there are people living in this home, your home should still be as clean as it possibly can be for each and every showing. Offering a clean, tidy, uncluttered home during these viewings can help improve a person's thoughts and conclusions about your home and will only help you sell it faster.

A good idea to consider using is creating a list of things to do before you leave for your showings. This will help you remember to do all the important things and can guide you each time. If you have questions about home viewings, talk to your real estate agent about them. They can give you the best information on how to sell a home.