Own A Rental? Improve Vacancies With Property Management Services

Buying a rental property and being the landlord can provide valuable knowledge and experience. However, you may feel hesitant about continuing these responsibilities. You may enjoy owning a rental because you build equity and can generate consistent income. But you might feel that you could get better results by managing the rental with professional help. 

A smart move is to get property management services. While professionals will help out in numerous ways, you may notice a clear difference throughout vacancies.


Before listing your rental as available, you want to ensure the place is in excellent condition. Maintenance is an essential part of this process, which can include cleaning, repairing, and replacing features. When you do not have extensive experience managing properties, you may not know exactly what to look for regarding features that need to be repaired or replaced.

A property management company will have the data and experience to know what to look for when going through a move-out inspection. Also, these professionals often work with the same professionals for cleaning and projects whom they know and trust regarding work quality.


A major part of rental management that will affect income is marketing. For instance, effective marketing can minimize vacancy length, reducing the income gap. Hiring a property manager is beneficial because they can use their social media presence to boost marketing. Also, they will know what listing websites are the most effective at attracting renters. 

Another part of the process is capturing photos and videos that showcase the rental effectively. Also, you will need to fill out the listings, including titles, subtitles, and descriptions. This is where strategic writing that includes popular keywords can increase overall exposure.

Answering questions and showing the rental to potential tenants will come after the marketing is complete. Property managers will shine in these areas because they can confidently answer questions and show rental properties in ways that make them extra appealing.


While proper maintenance and marketing can make a huge difference in rental vacancies, you will also use this time to do upgrades. Feeling a little hesitant about upgrades is understandable because you will need to recoup your costs to make the investment worthwhile. However, you can rely on property managers to choose high-value upgrades that allow for higher rental rates.

Improve the vacancy experience by hiring a property management company to take over responsibilities for managing your rental. Reach out to a property management company near you to learn more.