Benefits Of A One-Bedroom Apartment

If you're looking to rent an apartment, and a one-bedroom apartment is enough for you, getting one has many benefits over other sized units. They're typically only suitable for one or two people to live in, but if you fit that description, you can enjoy many advantages. Here are some reasons why one-bedroom apartments are so great.

Suitable for People Living Alone

One-bedroom apartments are perfect for people who live alone. You'll have plenty of living space, but not so much that it's overkill, and keeping it clean becomes an issue. You'll still enjoy a full kitchen, living room, etc., but you won't have any additional bedrooms in which no one would be sleeping. 

Still Enough Space for Couples

One-bedroom apartments are perfect for people living alone but also great for couples without children. Since couples usually share a bedroom, a one-bedroom apartment will give them all the space they need to live comfortably. The only thing you might want to consider to avoid issues is finding one that has a second bathroom.

They're Easy to Find

One-bedroom apartments are perhaps the most readily available rental choice in most areas—although two bedrooms are pretty common as well. Unlike other sized apartments, you can find lots of them for rent anytime, so you won't have to wait around for one to become available. There will be many other people in your area looking for an apartment, so the more there are available, the better chance you'll have of getting one.

They're Much Better than Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is a one-bedroom apartment compacted to fit into one space; your bedroom, living room, and kitchen are all in a single room. That means you can usually see your bed from your kitchen table. A one-bedroom apartment is a considerable step up from a studio apartment, as it gives you more privacy and overall space. 

They're Affordable

Aside from studio apartments—which aren't ideal anyway—one-bedroom apartments are the most affordable units you can find. A two-bedroom apartment usually has the same layout as a one-bedroom, just with an added bedroom, but they cost significantly more. You will also save a little on utilities in a one-bedroom apartment compared to larger units because there will be less area to heat or cool. 

Some Have Addition Rooms

In most cases, one-bedroom apartments have a kitchen, living room, and sometimes even a dining room. If you're fortunate, you might find one with an office or den that isn't listed as an extra bedroom, but might as well be.

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