Ways To Use Commercial Drone Videography In Real Estate

Real estate agents and those wishing to sell their businesses have begun using commercial drone videography to ensure the best photographs and videos are taken of the property. After all, when you have a larger building or piece of land, it's difficult for potential buyers to get the full scope of the building and area from the ground.

There are other reasons for using commercial drone videography in real estate than simply marketing the property. Here are some other ways to use commercial drone videography in real estate that you might not have thought of.

Security Surveillance And Property Protection

When you have a large commercial business on the market for sale, and perhaps the building is empty, it's possible that thieves might try to break into the building and either try to steal something that's still there or might do damage to property. This can be expensive and make it harder to sell the building.

While you could hire a security staff to patrol the building and the property, it can be difficult to get a complete view of the property from the ground. Commercial drone videography can be used as a security surveillance and property protection agent. Your security staff can be trained to use a commercial drone, or you could have a drone that can be programmed with a set flight path ahead of time, or you can use WIFI to fly the drone around the building yourself.

It can be possible to capture live footage of any potential crime and alert the police or security staff. This can protect your building when no one is there until it sells.

Building Inspections

When you are selling a commercial property, it should have an inspection done to make sure no repairs or renovations need to be made. The same is true if you are preparing to buy a commercial building. You want to know about any repairs or damage that needs repairing before you buy it.

Using commercial drone videography is a great way to safely inspect the building for any damage on the roof, chimneys, and exhaust ports, and to the overall property. You could hire a professional property inspector who employs a commercial drone or hire a commercial drone videographer to use alongside the inspector.

Land Surveys And Agricultural Land Inspection

If you are planning on buying vacant land or perhaps a farm or ranch, using commercial drone videography is a good way to inspect the overall property to see if it really is a good investment. You can have a land survey done or use it in an agricultural land inspection. This helps to see how well the crops are growing and how hydrated the soil is across the entire property, not just where you have been to.

Commercial drone videography can find any pest infestation or fungal problems, and it can show you any variation in the soil across the property before you buy it.

Land surveys can show you any potential for property development, where the land lines meet other property, and if there is any problem with the land itself, such as slopes that can't be seen from the ground that could make any development difficult.