Features Worth Paying For In A New Family Home

If you are buying a newly built house, you often have the opportunity to fit the home more closely to your needs. You also have the chance to pay for things that go beyond the base home price. You might wonder what options are worth paying the extra money for. Here are some suggestions to help you with your choice. 

Extra Basement Height

If you plan to use your basement for extra living space, extra ceiling height can make a big difference when it comes to helping the basement seem open and welcoming. The low ceiling of a basement can also restrict its use. For example, if you hope to have a home gym in the basement, a higher ceiling height can make it easier to do things like jumping jacks or lifting weights over your head. Taller basement ceilings also allow for larger basement windows, which bring more light into the home. 

Cabinets to the Ceiling

The normal kitchen design for your house might feature standard-height upper cabinets. Taller cabinets, however, often reach the ceiling and provide a lot of extra storage. Replacing cabinets is expensive, so getting bigger cabinets later will only cost more down the road. Invest in the storage now so that you always have maximum storage space in your kitchen. Regular-height cabinets can also trap dirt, dust, and grease from cooking on top; with ceiling-height cabinets, you avoid this. 


Standard features for your build include flooring type. You might, for example, have carpet in the living room and hard floor in the kitchen and dining areas. If possible, you might upgrade to having a hard floor throughout. This gives you more flexibility when arranging furniture, and it means that flooring will match seamlessly. If you end up tearing up the carpet in a few years, you might have trouble finding flooring that matches your other hard floors. 

Extra Windows

Finally, you can add extra windows to your new build. Consider the appointment of the house on the lot. Which way does it face? Where could you add a window or make current windows larger in order to get more light into the home? Windows increase the beauty of the house, and they provide natural light to make rooms seem more open and inviting. 

For more information on buying single-family homes for sale, contact a real estate agent who operates in the area you want to buy a house in.