Insight To Help You When Looking To Purchase A Home With A Pool

The purchase of a home is a big decision, but when it includes a pool on the property, there are a few additional details and factors you need to evaluate and consider. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you as you shop for a pool home to buy.

Hire a Pool Inspection

Before you buy a home with a pool, it is important for you to hire a pool inspection. In addition to having the entire home inspected by a home inspection professional, you will need to arrange specifically for a pool inspector to do a thorough check of the pool and its components.

During a pool inspection, the inspector is going to check all the different areas of the pool, such as the water's alkalinity, pH, and chemical levels including the chlorine and calcium. This will ensure the pool chemicals are kept up at the proper levels and not to exceed those levels so no one is injured while swimming in the pool water. 

The inspector will also check the pool's pump system, including its electrical components, filter, and pump, along with the heater if there is one. They will inspect the skimmers and lighting within the pool and also any water features and that they work properly. If there is a slide or a diving board, these are part of the inspection to make sure they are structurally sound and installed right. Your inspector will also recommend any repairs that need to be addressed to any system and area of the pool and its filtration system, which will prevent break-downs later on.

Check the Pool Barrier Safety

When you buy a home with a pool, your homeowner's insurance will need to have extra coverage for the liability of the pool. As part of this underwriting process, they will want to make sure the pool has a security fence around the pool. This is to protect you from anyone gaining entry into the pool and their potential for drowning. The fence or gate should have a locking feature so you can secure the gate when you are not using it. So check to find out the existence and condition of a gate or fence around the pool.

Plan For Pool Maintenance

Another consideration to think about is the maintenance and upkeep your pool will need once you take ownership of the home. To keep your pool clean and free of algae and debris, you will need to put some time into keeping it cleaned. This will include regularly skimming the surface with a pool skimmer or net to remove dead bugs, leaves, and other floaters. You will also need to add the right types of chemicals, such as chlorine, cyanuric acid, bromine, and calcium hypochlorite. 

You can also hire a regular pool service where a pool professional will come to your home on a regular basis to clean out the pool, the skimmers, and filter when needed. They will also be able to test the water and add the appropriate chemicals to regulate its levels. Be sure you plan for this cost into your homeowner's budget.

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