5 Advantages Of Buying A New Construction Home

Buying a home is a tedious process, especially if you are buying a used home. Buying a new construction home is ideal, and there are advantages you may never consider if you are thinking about buying a brand-new place to live. Here is a look at the things no one has ever done in a new home that can be quite pleasing to think of as a home buyer. 

No one has died in the home. 

The idea that the previous owner took his or her last breath in your living room, bedroom, or attic can be a little off-putting. Some people don't really care that someone died in their home, but it can be a little disconcerting for others. A new construction home is not going to come along with this tarnishment—you can be certain. 

No one has ever used the toilets. 

Do you have issues with using a public toilet because of the thought of how many others have been there before you? If so, buying a used home can be a little concerning. Who knows how many people used the toilets in the house before you moved in. 

No one has tarnished the home with bad juju. 

Bad juju may sound a little wacky, but many prospective buyers prefer not to buy a home where something bad has taken place. Some people believe negative energy can linger behind after someone moves out of a house. So say you buy a home where there was a lot of domestic violence going on or someone tucked away in a bedroom using an ouija board; some of that negative stuff could hang around. In a new construction, it is far less likely to inherit some kind of bad juju you just don't want at home. 

No one has ever had the mailing address. 

Forget sifting through your mail to get out all the pieces that don't belong to you. In a new construction, the address was likely assigned only after the house was built, so any mail landing in your mailbox is likely going to be yours and yours alone. 

No one has lived in the home with pets. 

Do you have pet allergies? Even if a pet is long gone, their dander can be hanging out in the air ducts, carpet, and other places. New homes have no prior residents with pets, so your pet allergies will not be flaring up after you move in.