Are You Buying A Property For Visiting Executives To Stay In?

Do you own your own company? If so, do you do a lot of business with executives who come from out of town? If that's the case, perhaps you have decided that you want to purchase a luxury townhouse for those individuals to use. Maybe you have estimated the amount of money your company has paid for out-of-town executives to stay in expensive hotels when they come to town.

With that in mind, you have probably decided that you'd rather put that money into something your company can own. From selecting the location and the design of the townhouse to arranging for interior decorator services, here are some ideas that might be of assistance.

Luxury Townhouses - Will a real estate agent do the initial groundwork for you? Because you are more than likely an extremely busy individual, it might be helpful for you to meet with a realtor that specializes in finding luxury homes for customers. Have in mind what you want as features in the townhouse.

For example, will you want the townhouse to have additional bedrooms and bathrooms for times that there might be more than one visiting executive staying there? Do you want the townhouse to have an entertainment room with state-of-the-art equipment as part of the design?

Of course, the location of the townhouse is also important. Do you want it situated close to an exclusive neighborhood that has a country club? Maybe your visiting executives would enjoy being close to places of interest in the heart of your city. Either way, you will more than likely need to arrange for limousine service, unless you have those who would rather use their own automobiles.

Interior Design - Once you have purchased the luxury townhouse you decided on, think of hiring a professional decorator who will have the training and the skills to decorate the townhouse in a luxurious and tasteful manner. 

Besides selecting high-quality furniture, the interior decorator will also select art for the walls and for other strategic locations. Even things like the bed linens, luxurious bathroom towels, welcome mats, and dinnerware can be selected by the interior decorator. Think of having fresh flowers in place when your visiting executives stay in the townhouse, too.

Consider how you will maintain the townhouse you purchase. Will you want to provide maid service during the out-of-towners' stays? A thorough cleaning at the end of a stay will certainly be appreciated by those who visit the townhouse next.