House Hunting? 3 Neighborhood Features To Consider

It's not easy buying a home. Not only will you need to secure financing, but you will also be faced with a multitude of options in different sizes, locations, and price points. In addition, you will need to choose a neighborhood suited to your desired location, budget, and needs. With this guide, you will learn a few features to look for when choosing the right neighborhood while house hunting.


When buying a home, money is probably a concern. Therefore, the thought of having an HOA may not be so appealing, since there are dues that must be paid monthly or annually. However, it is important to remember that a homeowner's association can actually be beneficial for you and your home's overall appeal/value.

An HOA is set up to protect your real estate investment. By implementing and enforcing various covenants, the homeowner's association will protect the way your home and other homes look, which will ensure the value of the homes and neighborhoods are protected.

Covenants vary from HOA to HOA, but most will prevent you and other homeowners from completing updates that could negatively affect property appeal and value. For example, you will most likely need to get approval before painting the home's exterior, installing a fence or other outdoor structure, or replacing roofing shingles.

Recreational Amenities

Living in certain neighborhoods can be beneficial if they offer recreational amenities that you and your family would enjoy.

When house hunting, search for a home in a neighborhood with a pool, a gym, and tennis or basketball courts. Neighborhoods with hiking trails and specialized areas for dogs to socialize are also common amenities.

Having these amenities within your actual neighborhood will not only make your home more appealing and valuable when and if you decide to sell, but certain features, such as the pool and gym, can offer a more affordable form of recreation for your family.

Safety Features

You probably also want your home and family to be safe—both when they are in the home and outside in the neighborhood. During your house hunting, focus on neighborhoods that feature options to keep you and your neighbors safe.

Sidewalks all through the neighborhood will keep you and your children off the roads. Speed bumps are also helpful for slowing down traffic that may be moving through the neighborhood. Also, the neighborhood should have streetlights throughout for added security.

There are many types of single family homes for sale in a multitude of neighborhoods, so knowing what to look for is smart. This guide will help you choose the best neighborhood for you and your family.