Single-Story Vs. Two-Story Home: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you thinking about building a new house and cannot decide whether to choose a single-story home or a two-story house? Both options are popular, and both are good choices, and you should compare the following things as you decide which one to choose for your family.

Lot Size

The very first thing you should consider before making this decision is the size of the lot you are buying or that you already own. If the lot is really big, then either type of house will work. If the lot is small, as some lots are in certain neighborhoods, then you might be better off choosing a two-story.

A two-story home requires less land, simply because the space goes up and not out. Therefore, consider the lot size before you decide, as a two-story might be the only option you have.


In terms of safety, a single-story home is often better, primarily because it has no stairs in it. If you are just starting a family and plan to have young kids in the house, you might not want stairs.

If stairs are not a concern that you have, then a two-story might work for you, However, this is something you should carefully think about before choosing house plans.

Privacy and Space

If one of your goals is to have more privacy and space in the house, a two-story is often the better choice, and this is often a goal people have when they have teen kids. If you have teens, for example, you could put them upstairs, while your bedroom could be on the main floor. With this setup, you would have more privacy and so would they. In terms of space, it is often easier to get more square footage with a two-story than a single-story because of the way the space is set up in a two-story house.


Two-story homes can be more cost-effective to build, and this occurs because of the way the house is designed. A two-story needs a smaller roof and less concrete for a foundation. This is another reason families consider two-story homes, but there are many pros and cons for each option.

A good step to take before you decide on a house is to meet with a real estate agent and a new home builder. This will offer ideas to you, and you can learn more about new homes.