What To Expect When Renting A Pet-Friendly Apartment

If your pet is like a family member to you, you won't want to get rid of the dog when you need an apartment to rent. If this is the case, you could look to rent a pet-friendly apartment. When doing this, there are several things you should expect with apartment buildings that offer pet-friendly units, and here are three of them.

There are limits

The first thing to know is that when an apartment complex is pet-friendly, it may still have limits in terms of what pets the tenants can own. In other words, just because an apartment is pet-friendly does not automatically mean they will accept your pet. In many cases, pet-friendly apartments will allow dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles; however, there might be rules when it comes to the types of these animals you can have. If you have a certain type of dog that is considered a high-risk, it might not be allowed, or there might be maximum size allowances that prohibit larger dogs. You should contact an apartment manager and tell them what type of pet you have before scheduling an appointment to see the unit.

You might need a pet resume

Secondly, you should create a pet resume before you meet with the landlord. While this is not always required, it can be a helpful tool to have when presenting your case to the landlord. A pet resume is basically a document that contains important information about your pet. You should include details such as the type of pet, his or her name, and the pet's age. You should also include the breed and all the details about the pet's health and vaccinations. If it is a dog, include details about the date the dog was spayed or neutered. You could also consider including a paragraph that describes the pet's personality.

You will have more fees

The other thing you should expect is to have more fees to pay when renting an apartment with a pet. Not only will the landlord probably charge an extra deposit for the pet, but you may have to pay a fee per month for having the pet in your unit. You might also be required to carry renter's insurance, whereas a person without a pet might not have to.

Renting an apartment with a pet is easier to do if you look for apartments that are advertised as pet-friendly units. To learn more, contact a landlord today.