Reasons For And Against Hosting An Open House

If you're in the process of selling your home, you may be debating if it is worth hosting an open house to generate interest. Here are some reasons for and against having an open house that you may not have thought of.

Reasons For Hosting An Open House

If you are on the fence about hosting an open house, know that doing so won't cost you anything. Your realtor hosts the open house and is paid out of their commission, so taking the time to host an open house that doesn't directly lead to a sale has no risk to you as the seller. The worst-case scenario is that nobody is interested in the home.

Even if you do not find a buyer directly due to the open house, know that it could generate interest via word of mouth. Someone might tell a friend or family member about your home since it could be a great option for someone else. 

Hosting an open house can often draw the attention of someone that wouldn't normally view your house. Buyers tend to line up several open houses to go to in a single day, and if your home is located in a part of town near where they are looking, they'll likely add your house to the list of homes to see.

Reasons Against Hosting An Open House

You simply may not like neighbors snooping around your home. Chances are that people nearby are going to come visit your home during an open house, even if they have no interest in purchasing the home. You must be comfortable with people going around your home unsupervised, or else an open house is not right for you.

That said, you'll need to get your home ready for an open house, which may involve even more work than a typical showing. This means putting valuable items away, doing a very detailed cleaning, and even staging your home in certain ways that make it look more presentable.

You'll also need to leave your home for an extended amount of time. Your agent will recommend that you don't stay in the home during the open house since it can make potential buyers feel unease that you are listening in on their candid conversation about your home.

Still not sure if you want to host an open house? Talk to your realtor about their thoughts about if and how it would help you sell your home before you decide to move forward.