Shop for a One-Story Home to Enjoy Several Benefits as a Family

When an individual buys a condo on their own, they may only feel the need to worry about the things that they want in a home. But, you may be looking to buy a home as a family, which means you will want to take everyone's wants and needs into consideration. Along with making sure their needs are met, you should prioritize one-story homes to enjoy several benefits.

Physical Limitations

If anyone in your family has physical limitations, you will benefit from buying a one-story home because you will not have to worry about a family member having trouble scaling stairs. Even a basement requires a person to go upstairs at some point after they have gone down.

A possible solution is to buy a multi-story home with a split bedroom setup so that your physically limited family member can stay on the first floor. But, you may feel better about buying a home when you know that everyone in your family can access every room without a problem.

Some one-story homes can still require you to climb a lot of steps from the outside, so you should look for houses on a flat surface to minimize the number of steps leading to the front door.


Even if your family has no physical limitations, you may like how easily accessible a one-story home is compared to a multi-story home. For instance, you will not have to walk up a flight of stairs just to get to your bedroom. If a multi-story home is laid out in a way in which the laundry room is downstairs, you may have to go up and down the stairs quite a lot on laundry day.

If you like the idea of moving into the home without professional help, you will appreciate not having to carry heavy furniture and boxes up a flight of stairs. Not only can this be taxing on your body, but you may not have an easy time avoiding damage to the stair railing or nearby walls.


With everyone on a single floor, you will naturally be closer to your family. If you want to check in on one of your kids, you will not have to climb a lot of stairs just to see them. Even when every family member is in their own room, you should still be able to communicate quickly and easily.

Buying a one-story home will provide your family with numerous worthwhile benefits. Contact a real estate agency like RE/MAX EASTSIDE to see what one-story homes are available in your area.