Wait For The Dream Home Or Compromise?

One of the hardest things to do, especially for first time homeowners, is to make the commitment to buy a house. This is especially true if you haven't found your dream home and you have begun wondering whether it is really out there. Well, the following questions can help you choose whether to continue your hunt for a dream house or purchase an available property.

How Soon Do You Need the House?

Generally, you can afford to wait for your dream house if you don't need a home right this minute. However, you may have no option but to compromise and buy whatever is available if you need a home as soon as possible. For example, if you have lived in your current home for a long time and want a change of scenery, then you can afford to continue living in it as you wait for your dream house. However, if you have received a lucrative job offer in a neighborhood with few available homes, then you should think twice before turning down a reasonable house to wait for the ideal one.

What Is the Market Like?

The prevailing situation of the real estate market should also guide you on whether to get the reasonable house or wait for the ideal one. The more houses there are on the market (meaning you are in a buyer's market), the more you can afford to wait. However, you should be wary of ignoring reasonable properties in a seller's market because you may find it more difficult to find a better house going forward.

How Realistic Are Your Expectations?

It may also help to sit back and evaluate your expectations before making a major decision. You don't want to be waiting for a mirage in the name of waiting for a dream home just because you have unrealistic expectations. Looking for a sub-$350,000 house in an upmarket urban neighborhood where house prices rarely fall below $500,000 is an example of an unrealistic expectation. However, you should wait for a little bit longer if your expectations seem realistic; it might just be that you haven't found the right house.

How Many Properties Have You Viewed?

Lastly, it doesn't make sense to settle on a house after viewing two or three properties. In such a case, there is a strong likelihood that you may find a better home after viewing a few more properties. However, if you have viewed a dozen houses and so and you still haven't fallen in love with one, it's time to consider making an offer on the best one among the lots you have viewed.

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