What Matters Most To Your Apartment Tenants

Do you own apartments for rent? Or perhaps you are looking to invest in the business. You want to make sure you get a return on your investment, and getting tenants for your apartment is not automatic. You have to work hard to rise above your competitors. Getting equipped with the right information is the first step towards attracting tenants and recouping your investment. If your apartments include the following things that tenants are looking for, you may be able to fill vacancies faster.


They say that in real estate, location is everything. This also applies to apartments for rent. Most tenants consider security important. Tenants are not so much interested in living in a cool neighborhood. All they want is a secure neighborhood with a low crime rate.


Price is one of the biggest considerations when choosing an apartment to rent. The rent has to be within the tenant's budget. As a landlord, ensure your rent is competitive.

Amenities and Proximity

Most tenants will want to live somewhere with great on-site amenities. Above all, they'll appreciate having a washer and dryer within the building.

Similarly, tenants do not want to spend hours on their daily commute to work or school. So they'll want an apartment that's near their place of work or school. It may help if your apartment is located near a facility that employs many people or near a learning institution. They also likely want easy access to establishments such as grocery stores, restaurants, gym, transportation etc.


Size matters after all. Whereas an apartment does not have to be large to attract tenants, nobody wants to live in a box. Make sure your apartment offers decent living space and, above all, value for money.


Tenants do not want to go through the stress of finding parking for their cars every single night. Provide them with parking and your apartment will be more attractive.


People who own pets want to move in with them. When you don't allow pets, you lock out a lot of potential tenants. Make provision for them to attract more tenants. If you are concerned about order and cleanliness, you can put in place rules and regulations for pet owners.

Your ability to attract tenants to your rental apartment will depend on how much you meet their needs. These include a secure neighborhood, affordable rent, the right amenities, adequate space, parking and provision for pets.

Communication and Relationship

Things go wrong with even the best of apartments. Property management services are useful for aiding the communication between your tenants and a manager. The managers will help create a positive and welcoming environment on your property.

You may not be able to do much about your location, but you can certainly do something about amenities, pets, and rent. Getting the right combination may be just what you need to get tenants flocking in.