Three Architectural Extras That You Need For A Luxury Modern Home

A modern luxury single family home combines the beauty of straight lines and minimalism. If you are renovating or building a new modern luxury home, you will want to make sure that your architecture is perfect. Before you set the plans for your home in stone, you should think about some extras that you need for your home that will increase the visual appeal and usability. Here are three additions to make to your luxury modern home. 

1. A frosted glass gate

Rather than a picket fence, you can go with something that matches a modern home a little better. If you want a perimeter around your home, you should sit a frosted glass gate. The frosted glass is especially important if you live in the city and you want some privacy for your house. The frosted glass will not impede sunlight so you will still be able to have the sun shine on your deck in the back and on your path to the front door in the front of the home. A smooth shield of glass also adds to the curb appeal of the home. 

2. A deep water feature

A modern home tends to look a little industrial at times. Nice grass and water features make your house look more home-like. Install a deep pool on the farthest end of your backyard if possible. If you do not have space or desire for a pool, place a small fountain in one of the corners of your yard and place beds of flowers and greenery around it; this will make your yard look elegant and provide a space for gathering. 

3. Add a splash of color

Most homes are built with a standard color such as grey, builder's beige, or white. Modern homes especially tend to be created with cement like colors, so you should add your own special colors to your home. Select a shade that goes with the theme of your home as well as any flowers or plants that you will add to your yard. If you plan to have an elaborate backyard setting, you can use the shade of your backyard setting to add to one of your walls. Make sure that the color is an appropriate neutral so that any other neighborhood homes or decorations will not clash with the look of your house. If you want to add a small dose of color instead of change the shade of a wall, you can place a marker with your homes address to the front and have this feature your favorite color.