4 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Listing Your Home

When you are selling a home, the first thing you may decide to do is contact a local real estate agency. When doing this, you will get to talk to a real estate agent and set up an appointment to have him or her come to your home to list your house and answer your questions. During this visit, here are some of the top questions you should ask the agent before you list the house.

What Work Should You Do on the House?

One of the best questions you can ask your agent is what work you should do on your house before listing it. Real estate agents work with home buyers all the time and know what they are looking for. Asking an agent what you should do to your house is the best way to get truthful answers. Your agent has no reason to lie to you. In fact, the agent you hire will have a huge incentive to sell your house and will, therefore, give you the best advice possible about preparing your home for sale. After hearing your agent's advice, you might want to follow the tips he or she offers. Doing so could help you sell your house faster.

What Factors Do You Consider When Choosing a Listing Price?

The second question to ask your agent is what factors they will use to help you come up with the best listing price. The best listing price is one that is attractive to buyers but yields the best outcome for you as well. Additionally, a good listing price will help attract the most buyers to your house and will make it easy for people to find your house when searching databases of homes for sale.

The agent is likely to tell you that he or she will complete a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine how much your home is worth. The agent may have even done this already and may bring it to your first appointment. The agent may also ask you questions about how much you are hoping to get out of the house when selling it. From there, the agent will tell you a recommended listing price to use.

How Will Showings Work?

You should also ask the agent how showings work. When people want to see your house, their real estate agents will contact your agent. Your agent will then contact you letting you know that someone wants to see your home on a certain day at a certain time. You can approve or deny the request. If you approve it, you must leave the house shortly before the scheduled time. The agent showing your house will access your house key through a lock box your agent will place outside your home. This agent will then report back to your agent when the showing is complete, and this is a great way to get feedback about your house.

How Long Will It Take to Sell the House?

The average amount of time a house is on the market before it sells is 65 days, but this does not mean your house will sell within this time frame. You can ask your agent how long it will take to sell your house, but the truth is that your agent's answer will simply be a guess. The agent will base it on the quality of your home, its asking price, and the demand for homes like yours at this time.

Asking the right questions when hiring an agent is important when listing your home, but you can always call your agent to ask questions that you may think of later on. To schedule an in-home visit with a real estate agent, contact an agency today.