Get Ready To Sell A Fixer-Upper By Focusing On Family Appeal

Buying a fixer-upper is a great way to minimize costs on buying a home, and you may love the idea of living in the home while you are working on making improvements all around the house, but holding off on some upgrades may be worthwhile when you are still getting full functionality from the home.

When you are ready to sell real estate, however, you should not hesitate to work on projects. Your home may be in an ideal area for families because of safety and school proximity. Focusing on families as your target market will help you prepare the house for sale with a few key changes.


If the property has a decent-sized backyard, you may want to make some changes to encourage families to spend a lot of time outside. For instance, if you have trees with shallow roots, you may want to consider removing them to eliminate the hazard of tripping and falling. You can leave these entire areas empty if you want to provide more open space, or plant native saplings.


While you can make hard flooring such as tile or hardwood softer by getting area rugs, you may want to provide families with a home that does not require any additions or adjustments. You can accomplish this by replacing the flooring with carpet in the living room and bedrooms. This will keep families from having to worry about their kids getting hurt by falling on the floor.


Young children are prone to make a mess, which is something that families may have a difficult time handling. Providing potential buyers with a home that does not have flat paint means that they will not have to worry about repainting or touching up the walls after they get messy. Getting a glossy paint allows the wall to be scrubbed down after applying soapy water.


Another feature that you may want to change about the fixer-upper is the closets. Families often need a lot of storage space, and closets are the perfect space because they are spread all throughout the home. You may want to expand the closets or invest in closet organizing systems. This will allow a family to move in and start using each closet to its maximum potential.

When you want to make sure your fixer-upper is well-equipped for families, you should consider making some or all of these upgrades before you begin the process of listing the home for sale.