First Time Buying Concerns

You may be at the place in your life where it is time to go out there and buy your very first home. If this is correct, you may be in the market for a single-family residence. You want to know what some of the most important things are for you to look for in that home, so you don't end up in a place that is priced right and looks okay, but you'll resent living in after you move in. Here is a basic guide that will point you to the right place for you and your family.

Take in the neighborhood as a whole – You can love the house you live in, but if it is in the wrong neighborhood, then you can still end up regretting the choice you made. There are a lot of things to consider with regards to the area around the place you are thinking of putting an offer in on. Here are some of them:

  • Low crime
  • Great school ratings
  • The right size regarding population
  • Stores in your budget
  • Restaurants you enjoy the most
  • Amenities your family would enjoy on days off
  • Safe parks for the children
  • Nature areas your family would get the most pleasure from
  • A place of worship in your denomination
  • Family or friends nearby
  • Convenient airport access if you travel
  • A local branch of your bank
  • Nearby doctors and other medical professionals you can go to

Make sure the land is right for you – Even if you do end up in a home that doesn't have everything you would like, there may be ways of adding those things in the future. However, there is one thing you can't add to your property and that is more property. Along with making sure the size of the land is a good fit for your family, you also want to make sure it has anything else important to you like a waterfront, enough room for animals you have or want, enough space for outbuildings or additions, the right soil for your needs, etc.

Make sure the house feels homey to you – If you are looking at a home and it really feels cold and uninviting to you, don't assume you can change all of that with a fresh coat of paint in a different color and your decorating skills. A lot of the way a home feels has to do with the layout and how you feel about it. The home you choose really should have a comfortable feel to you, even if it is empty when you see it.

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