Tips For Smooth Home Purchase Closing

There are few things as annoying as finding out that you can't move into your new home as soon as you wanted because the closing has been delayed. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in such a situation if you don't plan for a smooth closing. Here are a few tips to ensure that doesn't happen to you:

Ensure the Documents Are Ready

One of the common reasons home purchases closing delay is the unavailability of the required documents. Therefore, if you want the closing to progress with ease, make sure that you have all the required documents and you can produce them as needed. In fact, you should get a checklist of all the required documents before starting the purchase process so that you can be sure you have all of them.

Ensure You Have the Money for the Closing

Closing costs include things like attorney fees, appraisal fees, loan originator fees, and escrow deposits for taxes, among others. Depending on the local practices of your area as well as your negotiations, the buyer, seller or both parties are expected to shoulder the closing costs. Of course, the closing process will delay if you don't have the fees when they are needed.

Create a Timeline for Seller Repairs

Unless you are buying a brand new home, there is a high chance that your negotiation required the seller to make a few repairs before you can close the purchase and take over the house. You should also negotiate the timeline for these repairs if you don't want the closing to delay. Otherwise, the seller may delay the closing when they don't carry out the required repairs in time.

Be Proactive About Confirmations

It is up to you to keep all the parties involved in the transaction on their toes. One way of doing this is being available in the agreed communications channels and responding promptly to queries. However, being available isn't enough; you also need to be proactive by asking the lender or buyer if there is anything they need instead of waiting for them to ask you. Otherwise, you may be surprised to get a call from the lender on the closing day informing you that there is one more document they need.

Avoid Things That May Derail the Loan Process              

Lastly, there are also some actions (on your end) that may derail the closing process. They include changing your job, establishing new lines of credit or making a major purchase. Avoid all such things at all costs until the closing is over.

Contact an agency for more help when looking at homes for sale.