Open An Art Gallery In The Town That You Live In

If art is your passion and you plan on opening an art gallery that features some of the paintings you have created, as well as artwork from seasoned artists who live nearby, accomplishing this feat will require a suitable area to display and sell your artwork and a viable way to lure customers into your gallery. Begin your personal journey by mapping out a game plan and putting the gears in motion.

Lease A Unit Or Building

Since you are just getting started in your endeavors, you likely won't have the funds needed to purchase a commercial building at this time. Although your new business may be lucrative down the road, it will be an upward climb until you grab a foothold in your business plan and start raking in the dough.

A real estate agent can help you locate a unit or building that is available for lease. Determine costs associated with opening an art gallery so that you are aware of how much money you can afford to secure a unit or building. Consider a building with a glass storefront that is located in a busy part of town, so that people who drive or walk by your art gallery will see the artwork that is on display. 

Save Up For Security Fees, Materials, And A License

Be prepared to pay a security fee for a unit or building, and have additional money set aside for materials needed to set up your business, including a business license. When you initially meet with a real estate agent, make sure that you clearly understand the leasing terms associated with each unit or building that interests you.

Do not be hasty and decide upon a business location without taking a good look at each piece of property. A real estate agent will likely supply you with a key to each spot if you pay a deposit. After looking over the places, head back to the real estate office to return the keys and pick up the cash deposit.

Once you have sealed a deal, write a list of all of the items that you need to get the business up and running; electricity, furnishings, lamps, a cash register, and security cameras are some basic necessities that you will need to acquire. 

Hang Signs And Offer A Grand Opening Tour

Rent or purchase signs that have your business name and hours of operation printed on them. A large banner is an additional advertising item that can be hung across the front of the gallery. If you plan on hosting a grand opening tour of the art gallery, display artwork on the walls of the gallery and install droplights over the pieces so that viewers can inspect each creation.

During a grand opening, introduce yourself to your visitors and hand out business cards. You may meet some local artists during the event and they may be interested in featuring their artwork inside of the gallery.