Finding The Right Place To Buy: Community Shopping Options

No doubt you've got a list of criteria that you want to fulfill as you search for a house that's just right, and those criteria likely contain items that pertain to the immediate neighborhood. It would be a good idea, however, to also take a look at the surrounding area, as in, the commercial districts that you'd be near. Remember, you aren't going to stay home all the time, even if you're a homebody. You're going to need to get groceries and go out occasionally for fun. And what's nearby can affect the price of and amount of competition for each house you see.

How Close Do You Want to Be?

Do you want a home that's walking distance to a grocery store, just a cafe or two, or an entire shopping mall? Are you OK with just a short drive instead? How about public transportation? Keep in mind that areas that are walking distance to popular spots are going to cost more and likely have fewer homes available.

Does the Type of Shop Matter?

Are you determined to be near the funky shops in the artsy section of town, or are you just fine with being near big-box retailers and chain restaurants, as long as there's something you can get to within a few minutes? If you're concerned with being near particular retailers and grocers, you're going to limit your choice of housing, or at the very least have to pay more than you might have envisioned. But if you're more concerned with just having an option for groceries when you're really tired and don't want to drive that far, you could find a lot more housing in your price range. Many communities are being built with future retail plans in mind, as well as being near current small shopping centers.

What Noise Level Are You Willing to Deal With?

If you live in a busy area, either urban or suburban near major streets, you're going to hear the sounds of traffic, people walking down the street, music from nearby buildings (even in areas with excellent construction, if someone opens a window, that will make music from their dwelling easier to hear), and more. The farther away you go, the quieter it may become, but the more you'll have to rely on either a car or public transportation. If you're hoping to find a place that's quiet, you may have to go farther out than you had originally planned.

Of course, with all the development going on now, you never know what you'll find. Talk to your real estate agent about community shop options available and what commercial developments are near it. You'll find something that meets at least your basic needs.