3 Advantages Of Renting A Garden Apartment

If you're ready to rent an apartment, a high-rise building isn't the only place that you should look. Any city that has a wide variety of rental options will commonly have low-rise buildings with garden units. Garden apartments, which open in a garden area on one side of the building, can be enticing for many people. It's common to find such buildings in a U-shape with the garden area in the middle of the "U." Should you feel interested in this type of living arrangement, plan to see a few garden apartments before you decide how to proceed. There's a solid chance that this type of apartment could be the one for you. Here are three advantages of garden apartments.

1. Second Access Point

While some garden apartment units are accessible only via the garden door, many have a main door and a garden door. You may find that this second access point is handy for a number of reasons. If you're bringing home large furniture or other items, it may be easier to get these things into your apartment via the garden door, rather than the front door. Even though you never want to think about an emergency in your building such as a fire, knowing that there are two ways to leave your unit can provide a feeling of comfort.

2. Ability To Enjoy The Outdoors

A big perk of living in a garden apartment is the close proximity of the outdoors. For those in a high rise, walking through the hall and taking an elevator ride to the ground floor is the only way to get outside. For garden apartment residents, however, it's only a few steps across the unit until you're sitting on your patio outside. Whether you choose to set up a barbecue in this space, you enjoy sipping your morning coffee in a comfy chair, or you want a small herb garden of your own, a garden apartment can be ideal.

3. Ideal For Entertaining

A garden apartment essentially increases your living space. If your apartment itself is 400 square feet, but you have a small patio outside that measures about 100 square feet, you're essentially getting 25 percent more space to enjoy. This space can especially be valuable when you're entertaining. Whereas a smaller apartment unit can feel cramped with even a moderate number of guests, having some people out on the patio and others in the apartment can be suitable.

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