3 Surprising Tips For A Successful Open House

Making the decision to sell your home can be stressful. If you need to sell your property quickly, then hosting a series of open houses can be beneficial. An open house provides buyers with the opportunity to walk through your home and imagine themselves living in the space.

Unfortunately, failing to properly prepare for an open house could be detrimental. If you want your open house to result in multiple offers on your home, take action to prepare your home for potential buyers.

1. Remove offensive items

It's important that your living space appeals to a broad audience during an open house. Potential buyers from all walks of life will be flocking to your home for a visit, so you should avoid alienating these buyers by taking down any items they might find offensive.

Remove anything that contains foul language or advertises adult beverages. It can also be helpful to take down any sports memorabilia and taxidermy items, as these items could be off-putting for some buyers. Taking the time to remove offensive items will help ensure that your home is welcoming and inviting to all potential buyers.

2. Extend your open house later than normal

Most buyers plan to visit several open houses during the course of a day. Real estate agents typically schedule open houses during the afternoon, which means that buyers might feel rushed as they attempt to see all of the properties they are interest in during the limited hours of an open house.

By extending the hours of your open house later than normal, you can ensure that most buyers will visit your property last. This will leave a lasting impression and help encourage more offers on your property.

3. Leave the property during the open house

You might think that staying in your home during an open house will allow you to answer any questions buyers may have. This is a common misconception that isn't necessarily true.

Your real estate agent will be able to provide any information that buyers need, so you should leave the property during an open house. Having the sellers hanging around the house can make potential buyers feel pressured and uncomfortable, resulting in a less-than-favorable opinion of your home.

Simple things like taking down offensive items, extending the hours of your open house, and leaving your home while potential buyers walkthrough can help you increase the success of your next open house. For more information on local homes for sale, contact your preferred real estate agent.