Home Staging When Selling Your House

When you are showing your home, you will more than likely put a huge amount of thought and effort into making sure the living room looks great. Then, you may move on to the next room which is commonly either the family room or the dining room. However, some of the rooms that buyers actually pay the most attention to tend to be the bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This is why you should learn how to stage them to the best of your ability.

Staging the bedroom: When you are staging the bedrooms, you want to keep in mind that the beds will generally become one of the main focal points for the whole rooms. Therefore, you should be using complete bed sets including the bed skirts and dust ruffles. You also want to make sure the beds are setting on bed frames, instead of being directly on the floor the way some people tend to have them for their kid's rooms.

If you keep things under the bed, make sure nothing is visible when looking around the room or walking around in it. Stick to neutral colors for the whole room and go with lighter window coverings to let in more natural daylight. Put away family pictures and everything else that lays claim to the room as being a specific person's bedroom.

Staging the kitchen: One of the most important things you want to do when staging the kitchen is to give it the appearance of space but in a cheerful way. Therefore, you will want to display a few things here and there to give it life while also making sure you don't display so much that it takes from counter space. Make sure the window coverings are nice, light, and airy to allow in a lot of light. If you have open cupboards, make sure you don't display too many dishes and the ones that are displayed go well together and are nice looking.

Staging the bathroom: You want to stage the bathroom in a way that helps it to look spacious, even if it is a small bathroom. Don't make the mistake of using those floor mat sets and toilet covers. Those will make the space look smaller, and they aren't considered to be a good look.  Don't have your dental care items, makeup, shaving kits and other personal items out on the counter or anywhere else where they will be visible when the house is being shown.

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