Reasons To Buy In A Neighborhood With An HOA And Clubhouse

As you shop for a single-family home, you should pay attention to factors that go beyond the home's prize, location, and amenities. Many single-family homes are in communities governed by a homeowners' association. This means that should you buy a home in such an area, you'll need to pay annual fees — but that your money will go toward a number of enticing perks. One such perk is the use of a community clubhouse. This is a building that often matches the look of the homes in the neighborhood, and that you can book through the HOA for various uses. Here are some reasons to buy a single-family home that has an HOA and a clubhouse.

More Entertaining Space

One of the best things about buying in a community in which you can book the use of the clubhouse through the HOA is that you'll have more space for entertaining. Perhaps you're organizing a family reunion, and there simply isn't room in your house to accommodate everyone. One option may be to rent a party venue in the city, but this could be expensive. When you buy a single-family home that has a community clubhouse, you can contact the HOA to book this space. Often, doing so is free because you're paying HOA fees, or you may pay a nominal amount. Either way, you'll have a spacious spot for your gathering, all just a handful of steps from your front door.

Convenient Nights Out

While HOA members can often book the community clubhouse, it isn't solely for this purpose. HOAs that are active will regularly hold events in this space, which can give you and your spouse (and children, depending on the event) a convenient night out. For example, there might be a guest speaker talking about an interesting topic, a cocktail-type night, or other similar events held in the clubhouse that you can enjoy attending. For children, movie nights and other fun gatherings can occur regularly.

An Easy Way To Socialize

Making friends is often a priority when you move into a new neighborhood. While you might talk to people you meet while walking your dog, you might be resistant to knocking on doors and identifying yourself as a new resident. A community clubhouse is a perfect venue for socializing easily. Instead of forcing yourself to go meet your new neighbors, you can simply show up to the first event at the clubhouse and begin to mingle. If you buy a single-family home in a community that doesn't have a homeowners association and a community clubhouse, you'll miss all of these opportunities.

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