3 Things To Do With Your Bonus Room

Investing in a custom hill country home gives you the ability to create a living space that meets your family's unique needs. Many buyers opt to incorporate a bonus room into the design of their custom home. Bonus rooms provide excess space for a number of activities.

If you are unsure whether or not a bonus room will benefit your family, consider these three things that you could do with your bonus room after your custom home is built.

1. Game Room

You need to keep your children entertained while they are at home. While entertaining a toddler can be fairly simple, keeping your teen engaged might be a bit more of a challenge. You can transform your bonus room into a game room as your children grow.

Plan to incorporate a bonus room large enough for a pool table, ping pong table, and television for video games into the design of your custom home. Your children (and their friends) will soon view your home as their favorite hangout spot when you have a game room they can call their own.

2. Home Office

It's becoming more common for young professionals to telecommute. If you plan to work from home at any point in the future, you may want a bonus room in your home that can be converted into a home office.

This dedicated space will provide you with a quiet area in which you can work, and it will allow you to claim the home office deduction when filing your income taxes. If you think that a home office would benefit your family, be sure to have your builder install extra outlets and connections in the bonus room.

3. Meditation Room

Modern families face many demands on a daily basis. Between school, work, and social schedules, families have very little time to sit back and relax. If you include a bonus room in your custom home's design, then you can convert the room into a meditation space where your family can unwind.

Yoga mats, scented candles, and comfortable pillows can be added to the bonus room to create a comfortable space where family members can reflect on their day and connect with one another.

Having a bonus room in your custom home gives you the flexibility to transform the way you use your home over time. Bonus rooms can become game rooms, home offices, or meditation rooms, depending on the needs of your family at any given time.