Why You Need A Final Walk-Through When Buying A Home

If you are in the process of buying a home, it is advisable to have a final walk-through in the house just before closing the deal and taking possession of the house. Here are some of the things you will get to confirm during the final walk-through:

The Property's Condition Hasn't Changed since Your Offer Was Accepted

A typical home purchase process can take some time; it can even be weeks between the acceptance of the offer and the actual time when the house changes ownership. A lot can happen during this period so you need a final walkthrough to confirm that the property is still in the same condition it was when you made the offer and it was accepted. For example, you shouldn't make an offer on a house with a structurally sound roof only to be handed a house with a leaking roof during closing.

Everything Included In the Sale Is Still In Place

If you are buying a previously occupied house, you may be able to negotiate the inclusion of some of the seller's personal items along with the sale. In fact, the seller may throw in some of their personal items to sweeten the deal. The final walkthrough gives you the opportunity to confirm that all the items are still in place. Otherwise, you may move into your house after closing only to find that the couch that you were promised along with the house is no longer there.

The Appliances Are Working

In most house sales, common appliances such as refrigerators, oven, and garbage disposal are included. If that is what you want, then you need to make sure that the inclusion of the appliances is included in the property transaction contract. Once that is done, then you need a final walkthrough to confirm that the included appliances are still operational at the closing of the contract.

All Necessary Repairs Have Been Affected

Lastly, the last walkthrough will also help you to confirm that the seller has taken care of the repairs that they were supposed to take care of. This is especially necessary if the seller had promised to take care of some defects or you had made your purchase offer contingent on some repairs. Conducting the final walkthrough is the best way to confirm that they have been affected.

Talk to your real estate agent for more information on what do during the final walkthrough as well as how to deal with any complications that may arise.