Safety And Security During An Open House

Holding an open house can help you generate interest in your property for sale and boost your sales prospects. However, you need to be careful how you go about it to avoid criminals who take advantage of such situations to steal from property owners. The following safety and security measures will help.

Don't Make It a Solo Effort

You are making a grave mistake if you plan on hosting an open house alone. The more people you have helping you the easier it will be to prevent theft. Therefore, talk to your friends, neighbors and family members to chip in and help you on the big day.  Your 'sidekicks" can keep an eye on the guests as you work them up and keep them excited about the property.

Keep a Guestbook with Real Names

It also helps to have a guestbook and have everyone sign it with their real names; you can do this by making them show their IDs when signing in. This will help you in more ways than one; for example, many people tend to be on their best behavior when their personal details are known. Apart from that, you can also use the guestbook to track suspects in case something bad does happen.

Keep Valuables Away

Don't make work easy for potential criminals by keeping your valuables in plain view. For example, you shouldn't flash your jewelry pieces, display your expensive paintings or have your collectibles in plain view. Keep such things out of view for the duration of the open house. In fact, you should take it a step further and also keep your spare keys away and lock up documents with your personal information; identity theft is real.

Open Up the House

On your open house day, open up your house to the view of the whole world by opening all the doors and windows. In fact, open up the blinds so that anyone outside the house can see what is going on inside. This will make it difficult for any guest to misbehave inside the house because they will know they can be seen from outside.

Lock Up Properly After the Open House

Lastly, you should know that your security concerns don't end immediately you are done showing the house. Some of your guests may have been using the opportunity to identify things they can steal from the house with the intention of sneaking back into the house after the party is over. Therefore, make sure all windows and doors are closed, and your security system is set after you are done showing the house.

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