The Top Reasons Why You Should Always Hire A Land Surveyor Before A Land Sale

It doesn't matter whether or not you are the seller or buyer of a piece of land; you should always have enough information on that piece of property to ensure the sale goes smoothly. This means it's a good idea to have a land survey done before you either sell or buy the property. What are the top reasons for hiring a land surveyor? Here are just a few.

They Reveal Encroachments

It might not happen all the time, but encroachments do occur on pieces of land. Encroachments are when other people have been building structures on the land that doesn't belong to them. This could also be if any of your buildings or other structures extend out from your own land. For example, there could be a structure like a garage or shed occupying a piece of your property because the structure was built too large, or that you that allowed your neighbor to build. There could also be a septic tank or water well that extends onto your land from another property.

This can be more common on irregularly shaped properties or larger lots, and it could end up causing problems during a sale or at a later date if you don't have the exact measurements of your existing land.

Rights-of-Way Permission

A land survey is also important because it will show areas in which either you or the existing landowner has granted permission to allow other people access to the land at certain points. For example, if your neighbor does not have road frontage on their property, you have given them permission to create an access road to reach their home.

It also allows for utility companies to erect poles and wires or to perform work on them. It can include sewer companies working on systems as well. This is what is known as easements, and they should be included in a survey before a sale because it hampers some of your ability to use the land as you want.

Property Lines

A survey will give you the exact dimensions of the property. You need to know exactly where your land ends and begins to build fences, a driveway, a carport or garage or swimming pool before construction starts. This ensures that you are building on your own property and won't have a legal issue down the road with your neighbors.

A surveyor can also make sure you are abiding by zoning laws in your county before you begin building any additions or out-buildings on the property. They will ensure you are meeting all the setback regulations and any restrictions set in place by your city, so you don't get fined or are forced to tear down your structure.

For more information, contact your local land surveying services.