3 Images To Take Of Your Swimming Pool For The Online Listing

When you sell a single-family home with a swimming pool, you have to remember that the pool is one of the biggest attractions of the listing. This means that you shouldn't overlook the value of the right photographs with the online listing. Staging the area appropriately before the photo session is important — this includes making sure that there aren't any leaves in the water, setting up chairs and other features around the pool and, in general, doing all that you can to ensure that this area looks its best. Don't settle for just a single photo of the swimming pool. Here are three types of images that you may want to consider.

1. Aerial Shot

An aerial image of your pool shot by a drone can be really appealing in the online listing. Many real estate agents work with photographers who have drones, so you'll have no trouble organizing this type of photo. An aerial image shot on a sunny day can really make the pool's blue hue pop, making it a really appealing sight in your backyard. This type of photo isn't just about visual appeal, however. An overhead image is perhaps the best way to show the layout of the yard, the pool's overall size, and its position within the yard.

2. Panoramic Shot

Panoramic images also have a lot of value in online real estate listings. They can catch the eye of those browsing the listings and make the space look large and inviting. Lots of real estate photographers specialize in panoramic images, so be sure to specify that you want this type of photo in your listing. The photographer can shoot panoramas from a few different vantage points in your yard so that you and your agent can choose which angle best complements the yard.

3. Off-Season Shot

Lots of people who sell homes with swimming pools plan to do so during the summer, as the presence of the pool during open houses can be very appealing. If you've taken this approach, consider digging up a photo of the pool that you took at some point during the winter. Although this image certainly won't seem as enticing as a summertime shot, prospective buyers will often be curious to see how the pool looks when it's "put away" for the winter, and how this makes the yard as a whole appear. By incorporating these three images, as well as some generic images of the pool, you may be able to make your listing more enticing to buyers.

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